License Renewal

All active licenses expire March 1 of each year.  The Board e-mails renewal notices two months prior to the license expiration date.  The annual renewal fee is $250.  If you were initially licensed in this year you will be be contacted for manual renewal by KBOE staff.

Completion of 15 hours of board-approved continuing education are required for renewal of therapeutic licenses and 8 hours for optometrists whose license is not therapeutic.

To be acceptable for license renewal, all continuing education must be sponsored by a state, regional (multi-state) or national optometric association*, an accredited college of optometry or an accredited college of medicine.

*National optometric association would be the American Optometric Association, American Academy of Optometry, College of Vision Development and National Optometric Association.

You must ensure that all COPE courses, and OEP courses are sponsored by a state, regional or national optometric association, an accredited school of optometry or an accredited college of medicine.

A maximum of two (2) hours annually of practice management coursework is accepted for license renewal.

Five (5) hours annually may be accepted from one of the following:  internet, correspondence or audio digest. The courses must be sponsored by one of the groups in the regulation.

Please Note:  Optometrists licensed after June 8, 2011, are required to be credentialed in Expanded Therapeutic Practice by the second renewal of license.

Optometrists credentialed in Expanded Therapeutic Procedures, shall complete 20 hours annually of education for license renewal.  Five of the 20 hours are required to be in ETP and none of the five hours can be obtained through the internet.

Optometrists that have a DEA number must be registered with KASPER and complete a two (2) hour course annually in pain management/addiction disorders beginning with 2014 license renewal.
: License Renewal