How to file a complaint

If you believe the practice or the service provided by a Kentucky licensed optometrist to be unethical, immoral, below an acceptable standard or out of the scope of the profession, you have the right to file a complaint.  All facts regarding the complaint should be included.
All complaints are registered and investigated.  Upon receipt of a complaint, a copy is sent to the licensee for a response.  The Board will consider the complaint and response and may choose to dismiss the complaint, investigate it further, or bring its own complaint against the licensee.  Disciplinary cases may be resolved informally or after a hearing.  The complainant will be informed of the findings of the investigation and the resolution of the complaint.
Contact the board office to obtain a complaint form.


By Telephone: (859) 246-2744
By Mail:
2365 Harrodsburg Road 
Suite A240
Lexington, KY  40504-3333

Please note:  The Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners has no authority to resolve certain complaints such as fee disputes.
: How to file a complaint