Continuing Education

 Continuing Education
All continuing education taken for license renewal must be sponsored by a state, regional (multi-state like SECO) or national optometric association*, an accredited school of optometry or an accredited school of medicine.  This is pursuant to 201 KAR 5:030 Section 2.
*National optometric association would be the American Optometric Association, American Academy of Optometry, College of Vision Development and the National Optometric Association.
This means that all education certificates submitted for license renewal, must be sponsored by one of the above groups including all COPE courses, and OEP courses, internet or correspondence or audio-digest.
If you use the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry's OE Tracker database to document your continuing education, please forward the printout with your signature to our office as soon as you complete the education.  This will expedite the release of your license during renewals.
: Continuing Education