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Registering with KASPER

KY licensed optometrists who have a DEA number must register with KASPER or your license will not be renewed.  You will need a KY driver's license in order to register electronically.  For KY licensed optometrists who live out of state and have a DEA number, you will need to register by paper.
If you need assistance registering with KASPER by paper, please call 502-564-2703.


Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners
2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A240
Lexington, Kentucky  40504-3333


If you will be applying for a KY license, the Board would like to have your application ASAP.  All supporting documents should be received no later than June 30, 2017.  The KY Law Exam will be administered on July 13, 2017, at 8:00am (eastern time).  The location for the law exam is the Marriott Griffin Gate  Hotel, 1800 Newtown Pike in Lexington.  A copy of the statutes and regulations can be downloaded from this web page.  This will be your study guide for the exam.
The Board will meet on July 13, 2017, to review your application for license.  If you pass the law exam, the Board will license you and you will be given your initial licensure letter that day.  The letter will indicate that a pro-rated licensure fee of $136 plus $50 for a TPA certificate and large wall certificate will be due.  This fee must be paid before a license number will be issued.  You will not be permitted to practice prior to receiving your license number.  If you want to pay the $186 fee on July 13, 2017, following the law exam, only checks will be accepted.  Checks should be made payable to the KY State Treasurer.
All new licensees are required to be credentialed in Expanded Therapeutic Procedures (ETP) by the second renewal of license (3-1-2019).  If your optometry school curriculum did not include all components of 201 KAR 5:110 Section 1 (2), then you will be required to complete the 32-hour ETP course.  The KY Optometric Association will be offering the 32-hour ETP course beginning around Noon on July 13, 2017.  Call the KY Optometric Association at 502-875-3516 to register for the course.

On-Line Pain Management Continuing Education

Link: Two hours of pain management coursework are required annually as long as you have a DEA license.  The courses are sponsored by the University of KY and are free.  There are several courses available and you will need to complete 2 courses to equal 2 hours annually.
You will be required to create a CE Central Account if you are a first time user.  Click the link above for course offerings.
After you make your course selection, click on "Learn More" in the Activity Detail box to the right of the course title.  Watch the video and answer the questions at the end.  Print your completion certificate and fax to the Board at 859-246-2746.  Remember you cannot repeat a course.  Print your transcript and it will show courses already taken.  Call UK CE Central at 859-257-5320 if you have any problems.   
SECO University is offering two courses that will fulfill this requirement.  Go to:  If you have any problems registering, you can contact Dr. Walt Mayo at 843-446-3465 and his email address is:
1.  Course:  Pain Management in the Optometric Practice for 2 hours
2.  Course:  Narcotic Prescribing and Drug Diversion for 2 hours
 Remember to forward your completion certificate to the board office. 


Applicants for initial licensure shall submit to a FBI criminal background check by means of a finger-print check pursuant to 201 KAR 5:010 Section 2(a)(b) & KRS 218A.205

 Instructions for FBI background check

You will need to download (link below) FBI form FD-258 (fingerprint card), have your prints taken and mail the completed fingerprint card to:
          Kentucky State Police
          Records Branch
          1266 Louisville Road
          Frankfort, KY  40601
With a check or money order made payable to KY State Treasurer in the amount of $32.00. 
Take the fingerprint card to any Sheriff's Department, local Police Department or State Police Post to have your prints taken
         *All fingerprints must be rolled in black ink only.
         *Digital printouts of fingerprints are acceptable as long as they are in FD-258 format. 
The following required fields MUST be completed on the fingerprint card or the card will be returned for insufficient information.
     Reason Fingerprinted = KRS 218.205
     ORI = KY920226Z
Last, First, Middle Name                                       Sex
Aliases                                                                  Race
Signature and Residence of Person Being            Height
Fingerprinted                                                         Weight
Date and Signature of Official Taking                    Eye Color
Fingerprints                                                           Hair Color
Date of Birth                                                          Pl. of Birth (ST or Country)
Citizenship                                                             Social Security Number
DO NOT send the fingerprint card and fee to the Board of Optometric Examiners.  NOTE:  Allow 2 weeks for the processing of your fingerprint card.

License Applications

The type of application you need depends on how many years you've been practicing:

New Application

APPLICATION(practicing 5 years or more)

Please Note: To view these files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Follow this link to download a FREE copy from the Adobe web site.

License Lookup

Need to find an optometrist in your city or county?  Want to see the status of a doctor's license?  You can search our online database of providers and search by last name, license number, city or county.